1992 Enfield 350 Bullet.

1992, Royal Enfield 350 Bullet.

This is my second-hand, 1992, Enfield, 350 Classic Bullet (Indian). That I purchased in Canberra, Australia. For my Australia Aviation/Tsunami Project. It's black/chrome in colour and is in above average to excellent condition for it's age, with low kilometers. A few of the rubber parts have been replaced due to age & condition. Due mainly to weathering & deterioration. It's nearly 21 years old, after all. The rest of the bike is in near new condition, with just under 6000 original kms, on the clock.
My reason for purchase, is to own a single cylinder, retro cruiser, that I can work on myself. With reasonable access to cheap parts for future customising. Will also be my main ground transport for my marine/ aviation project. Thirdly, it will be used to provide Active promotion of my website
www.citizenjourno.com.au, while towing a suitable motorcycle gear trailerwith my project logo.
The enfield's role, will also be used to Actively promote The Venus Project & the documentary "Paradise or Oblivion", through my website. While @ the same time, pursuing recreational aviation as a pilot. By customising a French made, Tanarg, microlight trike for amphibious operations, with HD video-gymbal system.
If you presently own or have owned in the past. An Enfield 350 Bullet single, either in Australia or overseas. Then I would much appreciate, any advice, pointers or tips on the motorbike. With reference to your own experience, good or bad! I am also in need of a decent maintenance manual for the Bullet, if you have one available for purchase or know of one I can possibly get my hands on. 
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Right side, full view
Right side, 350 enfield

Left side, full view
Left side, full view, angled, 350 enfield

Engine closeup, left
Engine closeup,left, 350 enfield

Engine closeup, right
Engine closeup, right, 350 enfield

Right, carbi
Right, carbi, 350 enfield

Right, front angled view
Right, front angled view, 350 enfield

Left, rear angled view
Left, rear angled view, 350 enfield

Right, top angled view
Right, top angled view, 350 enfield

Right, top view of seat condition
Right, top view of seat condition, 350 enfield

Left, top angled view
Left, top angled view, 350 enfield

Left, top view of seat condition
Left, top view of seat condition, 350 enfield

Right side tank
Right side tank, 350 enfield

Headlamp, Tank & Stauntion covers.
Enfield 350

Front, stauntion covers
Front, stauntion covers, 350 enfield

Instrument Deck
350 Instrument Deck

Left side tank
Left side tank, 350 enfield

Left, large chain sprocket and wheel
Left, large chain sprocket and wheel, 350 enfield

Right side wheel
Right side wheel, 350 enfield

Left front wheel
Left front wheel, 350 enfield

Right front wheel
Right front wheel, 350 enfield

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